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The world of The Forgotten Isle is mostly historically accurate for the time period. I do admit to a slight preference of a more Renaissance style of costumes than medieval influences. But it’s not always easy to draw the line.


The Great Blasket Island on a foggy Irish day.

The actual island is of course real though. My Sacrona Isle is based off the modern day Great Blasket Island off the the Irish coast. It was leased to the Ferriter family by the Anglo-Norman Duke of Desmond. Although my story is fiction, there was a castle on the island and evidence of civilization where Ait an Draoi stands.

In this world, the people of Ireland are a conquered people subject to the will of the Anglo-Normans. The feeling towards witches was mixed although Catholicism was well rooted.

But what’s inaccurate or wrong? I’m sure you’re more interested in that.


The view of the island from the Great Blasket Center and a bit of my reflection (still foggy).

Medieval people believed that only a higher power could make something perfect. So, nothing medieval people built was perfect or totally symmetrical.

My comics honor this medieval philosophy. I have purposefully integrated mistakes into my work. I allow objects to vanish and reappear, colors to change, or things to change sizes. Small things.

Your job is to catch me. Find the mistakes. When you think you see them all or even just some of them, email me your list or comment about it. I’ll tell you if you’re right.

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