Durilda Template

Durilda is a bookish worry-wort who does not deal with change well. She is not a warrior like her sister but she is adept with a bow and magick (although she would never admit to that). Durilda does not approve of the religion and magicks of the people of the trees, being very Catholic and very traditionalist.

Short Version: the twin in the dress

Diamonda Template

Strong-willed and strong-armed, Diamonda serves the role of protector for Durilda. She is less rigid and more adaptive to change. Although more accepting of the tree people, she does not appreciate being bossed around. Diamonda does not trust Camie, Bryce, or Arnette.

Short Version: the twin with the sword

Bryce Template

Bryce serves as a father figure for Durilda and Diamonda although only their adoptive father. Bryce saved them as children and raised them on the island with Pagan’s encouragement. He brought a witch hunter to the island to cleanse the area on orders from the local Duke. He disowned Durilda and Diamonda and Pagan after they were labeled as threats. He now continues to hunt for Durilda and Diamonda to exterminate them.

Short Version: the cold-hearted non-father

Pagan Template

Bryce’s mother played a role in raising Durilda and Diamonda and in saving their lives. Pagan was burned at the stake for witchcraft during Bryce’s cleansing of the island. Prior to her death she wrote Durilda and Diamonda a letter and gave them the instructions that began them on this journey.

Short Version: the catalyst

Witchhunter Template

The Witchhunter is the man tasked with finding Durilda and Diamonda after they escape. He’s a squat man who doesn’t look that menacing. In fact, the man either has a beer belly, is a pregnant man, or a bearded lady. You decide.

Short Version: an agent of evil


Arnette Template

Arnette is the girls’ guardian and escort through Ait an Draoi. He is assigned this job by Pagan. Kind, a bit nerdy for the era, and strangely fascinated with Durilda; Arnette teaches the girls magick but is left behind when the girls leave on the journey.

Short Version: guardian angel and helper

Camie Template

The high priestess of Ait an Draoi is Camie although she does not seem to uphold the ideas that their society lives by. Camie is greedy and power-hungry, seeking to destroy the castle people in any way possible. Durilda and Diamonda seem to have arrived at the perfect time to be trapped in her plans.

Short Version: the not so high on morals high priestess

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