Inspiration Wall 2

This is my Inspiration Wall, on which everything pertains to this comic.

The Legend of the Forgotten Isle is the story of Durilda and Diamonda: Irish twins whose lives are threatened by a tradition.

The people believe that twins are a single soul split between two bodies. One soul embodies the devil inside the person while the other embodies the angel. And the medieval Irish, being superstitious, refuse to chance the devil child surviving and so kill both twins at birth.

Inspiration Wall 1

My sister (who can’t spell) decided to label everything in my room and called this my “Inseration Wall.”

But Durilda and Diamonda are different. Saved at birth, they now face persecution in their teens. This is their story of terror, disjointed family, and survival.

The Legend of the Forgotten Isle began as an itch in the back of my mind and became a novel with the encouragement of my non-related twin sister.

But while typing the first draft after I had finished the novel, I couldn’t help but think it would be a great comic story. It was like changing a book into a movie. I lost some parts of the novel, edited and expanded others, and rewrote the  beginning several times (beginnings are my weakness).

The Legend of the Forgotten Isle is also an allegory representing events that have occurred in my life. Together Durilda and Diamonda are me and the other characters are all representative of people I know and their roles in my life. But while Durilda and Diamonda’s story is finished, mine is not and I look forward to the rest.

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