Just to Clarify…

I had a question about this a few days ago and so I thought I would clarify it just in case there was any confusion.

The comic pages that you are currently reading (the ones without “Originals” in the title and without long, wordy posts below them) are the second version I have done of this comic. The pages marked “Originals” are from about two years ago before I overhauled the the way I draw and improved the comic in general. I am sharing these pages with you in order to better discuss what changes I have made and my general drawing process.

I will NOT be redoing the current version of the comic. I am happy so far with the way it is turning out.

However, as I write the script for the second volume of the comic and draw new pages this summer, I do intend to photograph the process and put together a tutorial. I am not a professional artist in any way, but you might get a kick out of watching the process anyway.

And there you have it! A new page will be up on Monday!

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