Originals: Page One

Page One- 300 dpi

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Please note that because I have reordered the story a bit since this version, this version of the comic will reveal some things to you that aren’t necessarily spoilers, but the information won’t come up until much later in the current version of the comic. This is especially true for the information in the Prologue. Most of the original Chapter One is just the stuff that happens right before the current Chapter One begins. Therefore, if you don’t want anything to be ruined for you, I suggest not reading the original pages. Just look at the art and read my ramblings about the changes.

Okay, so the first thing you’re likely to notice right off the bat is that the font used on this page is the same as the font I am currently using in the newer pages. That is correct, my observant friend. Although the way I tell the story and the way I draw it have changed, the fundamental principles of the storyline and small things (like what fonts I thought would be best for the comic) haven’t changed.

Another thing that you may notice is how the dimensions of this page are different. Originally, I was just drawing my pages to the size of the sketchbook I have, but when I did the revisions I decided that I wanted to self publish the comic eventually and so I went through the different size options offered by my favorite self publishing service and picked out my favorite.

Now, about the drawing. It isn’t as obvious in this example since there is actually very little drawing on this page, but I made two major changes to how I drew the comic between versions.

The lines in this drawing are very crisp and clean. They are done with Micron pens. The lines you see in the current pages are actually penciled lines that have been darkened by the computer. This change probably sounds kinda silly to you all, but it has improved my drawing a lot. One of my original problems was that my pencil drawings would get the life sucked out of them through the process of inking. I was trying so hard to trace each line precisely that it ended up looking dead.

Another thing I did was change what screentones and halftones I used to color each image. The ones I use now are bitmap versions of the old tones, which gives each page slightly more texture. However, I didn’t bother to recolor the backgrounds for each page and so one can still see the old screentones in the back.

The combination of both these two changes gives the comic a slightly dirty look rather than the really clean images you’re about to see in the original drawings. I personally feel that the dirtier look gives the comic a more medieval feel and so is better.


A page from my Celtic knot book

The last change I made also makes the comic look less clean. You can see in the example above that I used computer generated Celtic knot borders initally. These days any Celtic knots that I want to include in the comic are hand drawn. I use a book that I picked up in Ireland to help me with this. Celtic knots are hard, but also fun to draw. Plus, drawing them myself means that I won’t have any copyright issues when I self publish the comic.

Whew! That was a long post. I went over a lot of the changes I’ve made between making the two versions of my comic, but there are still several more to talk about. So, stay tuned to see my old drawings and hear more about the process behind it all. If you have any questions about anything I talked about today, I’ll be happy to answer them in the comments. Happy Monday!

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